Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Look Back at 2014

Article by Laura McKay, on behalf of the Heritage Winnipeg Corp.
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Happy New Year from Heritage Winnipeg!

We hope you enjoyed your winter holidays as much as we did and are looking forward to a new year of possibilities. This was the first year that Heritage Winnipeg has had a blog, and as such, we thought we would look back at our first year of blogging - click the title for a link to the original articles! As well, a complete archive of our previous blog posts can be found in the sidebar on the left, sorted by the date posted.


Our First Post...

Introductory Remarks from the Minions

Cindy Tugwell (Executive Director), Roshanie Balkaran (SIP Summer Student), and Laura McKay (YCW Summer Student & Yours Truly)

Our first post was published July 16, 2014 and introduced you to everyone who works in the office. We were so excited to see all of the people that were interested in what we had to say!


Your Top 5 Favourites: 

1.  UPDATED: The Unveiling of Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park 

Historic photo of the gate that remains at Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park
With over 1900 views and counting, this is our most popular post yet! Stay tuned for more updates as the project reaches completion.

2. 529 Wellington (formerly J.H. Ashdown House & the Shriners' Khartum Temple)

529 Wellington Restuarant
This historic home turned restaurant is an excellent example of the re-purposing potential of heritage buildings.

3.  100 Years Young: The Marlborough Hotel at 331 Smith Street

Photo of the pamphlet celebrating the hotel's centennial.
100 years of history in one of Winnipeg's oldest luxury hotels - including time spent as barracks for soldiers in WWII.

4. Streetcar 356: Winnipeg's Last Remaining Wooden Streetcar

Streetcar 356 - now housed in the Winnipeg Railway Museum.
 A piece of Winnipeg's streetcar heritage in the process of being restored.

5. William E. Milner House at 51 Balmoral Street 

Photo of the house at 51 Balmoral Street
A controversial old home whose heritage status currently prevents it from being demolished.

Candidates for Doors Open Winnipeg 2015:

(based on participation in 2014)

East & West Exchange District BIZ Tours


The Marlborough Hotel at 331 Smith Street


McBeth House Centre at 31 McBeth Street 



Millennium Centre at 389 Main Street


Ralph Connor House at 54 West Gate


Vaughan Street Jail at 444 York Avenue Part One Part Two

Events to Look Forward to in 2015:

February 16 - Heritage Winnipeg's Annual Preservation Awards 2015 - Celebrating 30 Years!

February 16 - Heritage Day 2015 - "Main Street: At the Heart of the Community" (Canada-wide)

May 30 & 31 - Doors Open Winnipeg 2015

Know of an upcoming heritage-related event in 2015? Be sure to let us know by emailing us at so we can add it to the Heritage Calendar!

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